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Cameras and Doorbells

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Yet another peeling Nest doorbell claim

I've had the doorbell installed for approximately two years and I have condensation and peeling/flaking.I'd like a direct response from Google/Nest on what they are doing to improve the design and longevity of these units. I know I'm not the only one...

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skypup by Community Member
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 Unable to connect alexa to nest camera and doorbell

Carmen by Community Member
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Magnetic mounting base

I have lost the magnetic mounting base for my Nest outdoor camera during my move to a new home. I have looked online to purchase a replacement and cannot find one anywhere. Please help, where can I buy one?

Ryanth006 by Community Member
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Persons name not being announced on doorbell battery

My doorbell has stopped announcing people's names when they ring the doorbell. They are being recognised as their photo is appearing against their name. But it is not announcing them. It did that for the first few days but now the has stopped. Is the...

ThoreNest by Community Member
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Eroor Code NC029 Nest Hello

Still having a reoccurring issue with my Nest Hello. It constantly disconnects, and is always offline. Now it currently has no connection to any of my internet networks. I've made a comment shortly after purchasing the doorbell, I've exhausted all re...

Barkerbro by Community Member
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