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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

There was a problem connecting to the camera stream

I pay for Nest Aware. Some video events are recorded and I can view them as expected while some other video events are not viewable and show the error, "There was a problem connecting to the camera stream". There is audio, but no video. Is there any ...

Battery Outdoor Nest Camera

I just installed a new Outdoor Nest Camera and while I can find it in the Home App, I cannot find nor add it to my Nest App.

Hooser by Community Member
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Outdoor Camera Cord Water Corrosion

Hi,I have the Nest camera with the outdoor cord. I live in Los Angeles where it is hot, dry, and hardly ever rains. Yet for some reason, my outdoor camera stopped working and when I investigated why, I found that both the USB end and the housing for ...

16516011998622125244025018357960.jpg 1651601250642104809600391374011.jpg
skamali by Community Member
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Nest account

Hi, need help to connect google account with Nest camera, I now pay for an account but my camera will not store pictures for more than the same day. I think it is an account problem

Budor by Community Member
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Charging the doorbell battery

My doorbell is wired in. I know how to remove the doorbell from its base but how do I disconnect the wires to charge. And then, how do I reconnect the wires when charging is complete?

Beck by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Slow notification of motion detection

Hi,Sometimes it will take 10 minutes for my Nest Cam to notify me of motion in my backyard. This is pretty useless as intrusion detection.Any ideas?fak

fak by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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can not log into the nest app

Can not get past the nest login I can log in to nest on desktop but not on my phone. I have a number of google accounts but most are gsuite so nest won't work. I have no nest devices other than this doorbell.

Unable to connect to doorbell

My Doorbell kept going offline so I brought it inside and removed it from Google home. Now I can't add it back. I have tried factory reset, reset my wifi/modem, am still unable to find the doorbell and keep getting the error move closer etc.I have al...

MMoller by Community Member
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