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Nest Camera (Battery) Won't turn on.....

Community Member

I am unsure why Google messed with these camera and the Nest platform.  Purchased two of these cameras and I can't for the life of me to get the cameras to turn on (using them plugged in)  I have spent 6+ hours on the phone with support to no avail... It sets up perfectly but then when you hit finish you can't turn on the camera.... Please help anyone - It's already bad enough having to use google home that crashes every 3 time you open it... It's the saying if it's not broken don't fix it 




I'm just another customer who is not happy with the Google Home app, but it never crashes on our iPhones. Have you considered removing and re-installing the Google Home app?  I did it once when when I quit getting notifications and it was pretty painless.

@MplsCustomer  I have an iPhone and it goes in waves - I have uninstalled the app and re installed it - removed everything from it and reinstalled it - 

Community Member

Maybe I am jumping to conclusion, I saw that if the metal base plate is not a fixed properly the cam won't turn. I've seen some people complaining about faulty metal base plate. 

I'm not using the magnet mount - using a approved mount but all the set up works and when they tell you to undock and redock then I get the camera is 100% charged but the options to turn on don't work.  I'm game for anything now - it's just when you call it's like they are reading a book and honestly have no clue 


We can go to device information > camera mount > other mount then camera will now be able to be turned on without the magnetic mount