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Nest Camera Low Volume on Home App

Community Member

The audio from my Nest Indoor Camera is very, very low on my Android phone using the Google Home app.  The volume is fine on my wife's iPhone and our Nest Hub Displays.  It appears that the app is considering the audio feed as if it were a telephone call and only plays through the earpiece as opposed to the main speakers (as if it were media).  I have to hold the phone up to my ear in order to hear it (or use headphones).  Anyone else have this issue?


Community Member

I been having the same issue since February, and was told by google tech support they are working on it, its obviously still not fixed with most revent update along with many other things. At least they finally fixed my biggest issue, not being able to download any event clips over 3.5 minutes. Still waiting on ability to download any portion of a 24/7 video and not just triggered events that we were promised when the cameras were annouced last year.

Community Member

Having the same problem. it worked earlier right when I installed it. and now it doesn't work. it worked when I went to Wi-Fi and then it didn't work I have the original nest cams they're way better than this home app crap