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Nest Camera playback freezes

Community Member

Why are nest cameras and playback so bad? Why does Google do nothing but just ripoff it's nest camera users?


Community Member

Did you get any help?  I have nest cameras and app which work great but with the google home app the videos are not quality and they freeze up or report video is unavailable 

Hi VictoriaC the product is junk and trash. I'm replying so all can see. Please don't ask about my internet and if I've reset the app, deleted its cache, etc...

Sad after Google bought this company how bad it's become...

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


Thanks for bringing this up here in the Community. I understand where you're coming from and we wanted to do what we can to help you with this. To confirm, how far is your Nest Camera from your router? Which Nest Camera do you have? Try restarting your Nest Camera. You may hit this link and find your Nest Camera to see the steps on how to restart it. Let us know how it goes.