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Nest Doorbell 2nd Gen connectivity problem

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Could not connect android phone to Nest Doorbell 2nd Gen. The top blue light would show power was getting to the doorbell but the bottom blue circle would never turn on. While migrating my Google and Nest Accounts during the process to Get Started, I could not reset my password as my Nest email was not being accepted. Found out my original email is a GSuite Email Account so it can not be used to manage my Nest products in the Google Home App. I had to use an alternate email account and switch my Nest Thermostat over to that account. Now we have the camera working but the indoor chime is not activated. 

This comes after a very frustrating endless loop of not having any technical support from Google. I live in western Canada and there is no phone number to call. Three NestPro at-home service providers failed to return my request for a home service 3-months after my requests. I paid $100.00 for an at-home service call with the only AV company that said they could successfully install the Nest product. They failed after a 1 hour attempt and cited the Nest Doorbell defective. We returned and got a new Nest Doorbell to try again and ran into the endless connectivity loop again. 

My son has a USA phone and was able to access Google Support. After 2.5 hr Call, we were able to source the problem to the GSuite Email. Successful in getting the camera operating but now have to fix the indoor chime problem. Will try two of the fixes offered on these posts - to remove the white puck and/or buy a stronger transformer. Absolutely frustrating experience getting ANY technical support for western Canadians. Please re-install a phone number that works for Canadians!!!




Some customers in this forum report success by replacing their 16V 10VA transformer (which meets minimum requirements) with a 16V 30VA transformer.

Others have discovered that their "chime puck" was defective, and were able to get Google Nest to replace it (sometimes only by replacing the entire doorbell package).

USA customers also do not have a Support phone number and have to start with this link instead:

Some Australian customers report that they DO have a support number because Australian law requires one.

We disconnected the white puck and the indoor chime bell rings now. Our 16V 19V transformer is powering the Nest 2nd Gen Doorbell now with the camera and indoor chime bell operating with our android phone. We did not measure the transformer Amperage.

Knowing about the our GSuite email address not being compatible with the Google Home app would have saved us a $100.00 Service Call and hours of troubleshooting. I had given up on this product due to the lack of technical support available and it has taken 4 months to get it working after purchase. Access to live phone support is necessary for this product!!



I don't know if running without the "chime puck" is a good long-term solution. Google Nest says the purpose of the "chime puck" is to provide continuous power for the doorbell's camera without triggering the indoor chime. Google Nest also says that omitting the "chime puck" can cause the indoor chime to buzz and they imply it might not be good for the doorbell.

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Appreciate the help here, MplsCustomer.


Purple, I hope you've got the answer you're looking for. If you're still in need of assistance, please let us know, as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.




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I want to check if you have additional questions and concerns about your device. Let us know by updating this thread, and we're glad to assist you further.



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I just wanted to jump in here to make sure that you saw our response. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns as I will be locking this in 24 hours.

Thanks for the help here, MplsCustomer and Juni!