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Nest Doorbell (battery) and cold

Community Member

Have the new Google nest doorbell (battery) camera on my house.  Has worked wonderfully until it got cold.  

So we took it off the house brought it inside and charged it to 100%. Drilled a hole in the wall and ran an adapter cable out to it for power. The adapter is plugged into an outlet inside my porch. 

Initially showed an infinity sign and that it was powered when I checked the battery.  Then when it got dark and colder out (-4°F with a feels like temp of -22°F) the camera stopped working. When I check it on my home app it says "Device offline because of extreme temperature. The device can turn on again once the temperature returns to normal."

I thought using an adapter would prevent this from happening, but maybe it's just too cold out? Slightly concerning because where I live these are normal winter temps and winter is only just starting. 

Is there anything I can do to keep the camera on?




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Community Member

doorbell stop working at-15C :this device come back online once the temperature come back to normal.  Useless outdoor products from google.