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Nest Doorbell (battery) but connected wired no video on Google Hub Max

Community Member

Newly set up Nest Doorbell, how do I get the video to pop up automatically on my Google Hub Max when an event happens (motion, person, package)?



We've never been able to find such a capability with our existing Google Nest cameras and doorbells on our Google Nest Hubs. (We don't have a Max.) The only camera/doorbell notification I've been able to enable for the Hubs is a doorbell ring by turning on the "Visitor announcements" feature. (We do receive motion/person/package notifications on our phones.) Getting those notices on the Hubs would be a nice feature to have.

Community Member

That's something that should be enabled by default. There is an option to connect the Wired doorbell to Nest app but it does not work when I try to add mine which has a battery and is wired.