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Nest Doorbell firmware flash

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Hi, I have a problem with my Nest Hello wired Doorbell. I am trying to get it connected for the first time and it powers up just fine, does the startup chime and I can get it connected and found by the app. But as soon as it tries connecting to the wi-fi it stalls out every single time. I have trouble-shooted this device multiple times and to no avail, I can't get it connected, the error code I received from the app is NC004. This means that it won't communicate with the app properly. So is there anywhere I can get the newest firmware available to download directly or to a flash drive? I have gone through as many troubleshooting techniques that are offered for the doorbell, so if there are any more techniques that I can implement that would help as well. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated because I also have another Nest Hello wired doorbell that runs through the boot sequence and does nothing else but reboots over and over again and it does not play the startup chime or pulse blue or chime if you press the button. So I was thinking that I could flash both of the doorbells to fix both of their problems.




There is one other post in this forum about "NC004", in which another customer, "davidking", provides a link to a Nest cam troubleshooting page, where you input the error code. Just passing it on; I have no idea whether it will be helpful.

Sorry, it won't work work I have already tried using the troubleshooting tool the nest website provided. It wasn't able to solve my problem and I have already spoken to two different technicians from the nest customer support line and they weren't able to help either. 

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