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Nest and google cameras don’t work well?

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👋 I have a nest camera system and it has worked really well. I love the interface and how easy it is to see the video history.


I decided to expand the set by adding in 2 more google outdoor security cameras, but I cannot add it to my nest app. Instead I have to add them to my google Home account.   The interface is much worse and I cannot see how to see the full streaming history only “events”. 

does anyone know if I can have the cameras play into my nest app?


if not, is there a way to see the full history on the google Home app? Ie not just “events”


I believe I am paying for video history, but also cannot find the subscription settings either.




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I checked and I found I have “nest aware plus” subscription. 

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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

Thanks for providing that information, @MplsCustomer.


@Daniel9, new versions of Nest cameras (battery) can work with the Google Home App only while old versions of Nest cameras can be controlled with the Nest App. 

We’re dedicated to bring more features and we’ll take this as feedback. Also, you can view the full history of your camera using the Google Home app. Click this link for more information.





Unfortunately, as we discovered to our surprise a year ago when we bought a Google Nest Camera (Battery), Google Nest chose to make the new Google Nest cameras and doorbells (released starting in the fall of 2021) work ONLY in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app or on the website. As a result, they cannot be viewed with a browser, clips cannot be manually edited, there is no way to share a link to one of your cameras, and there is no "Schedule" function.

In addition, unless the Google Nest Camera (Battery) is plugged in with the optional power cable (as ours is), you can only get event video history, because on battery power the camera is not capable of recording 24/7.  So even though your Nest Aware Plus subscription supports 24/7 history for 10 days, the camera cannot provide it on battery power.  Also, many customers report that, when on battery power, the camera is slow to detect events because it has to wake up from "Idle" mode in order to record an event.  Also, while we do have 24/7 history and good event detection because our camera is plugged in, we have to access that history using the timeline tools in the Google Home app, which are noticeably inferior to those in the Google Nest app.

Here is Google Nest's Vice President's take on this approach, from a year ago (no updates since), along with numerous customer comments:

Hi folks,


Checking in should you still have further questions here. Let us know by replying to this thread.


Thanks for your help, MplsCustomer and Emerson.




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