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Nest doorbell

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We have a Nest doorbell that continually tells me a person is at the door but it's always wrong. A real person can come to the door and I don't get an alert. We had a Nest doorbell in our last home and it worked great. I thought maybe it was picking up cars in the road even though the filter omits motion and noise. I tried creating a zone of just the front steps which doesn't include the street, sidewalk etc. Just about a 3 ft area. Still fake alerts


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Tank3,


Thanks for posting in our Community. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the Nest doorbell. No worries; I’m here to help.


The Nest cameras and doorbells use software to look for changes in color and lighting. Because of this, you may get unwanted or false-positive alerts.

Here are some common triggers, to name a few:


  1. Changes in the light level
  2. Shadow moving across the frame. For example, if a cloud moves in front of the sun,
  3. Trees or bushes swaying near the important areas.
  4. Headlights or flashing enter the field of view.

To minimize these occurrences, make sure the Google Home app is up-to-date.


  1. Check for any Android updates.
  2. Uninstall the Google Home app, restart your phone, and then reinstall the app.

Once the above steps are done, delete your activity zone and create a new one. Below are some tips for creating activity zones:


Create small zones.


  • A big activity zone captures more activity. In general, the smaller and more precise the activity zone, the more accurate your camera’s alerts should be.
  • If your zone is too large, objects that don’t appear to be in the zone can trigger an in-zone recording or notification.
  • Experiment with the size and placement of your activity zones to get the effect that you want.

Don't overlap zones.


  • If you overlap two or more activity zones, you only receive a notification for the activity zone where the activity first occurred. If the activity actually happened in two or more activity zones at the same time, you only get a notification for one of the zones.

Here’s a handy guide on how to set up and use activity zones.