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Powered camera indoors many false positive "person"

Community Member


I have 4 nest cameras, 2 inside and 2 outside.

I have 1 that is mains powered. This is the one that I am having issues with.

In the mornings, it has many false positives.

Yesterday 8 from 6:53 to 7:22

Today 10 from 7:01 to 7:30

2 days ago, another at 16:53


I created a zone (to edit out a picture of a face).

I turned off notifications and back on again.

No other camera is in this room.

I am at a loss..... Please help



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello KenzoJumps, 


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. Nest Cameras and Nest Doorbells use machine learning to ensure notifications are as accurate as possible, but the technology isn’t always perfect. Your Nest Camera is more likely to accurately detect objects that are larger, nearby and within clear view of the camera. And they may misidentify things like:


  • Confuse a picture with a real event. For example, a picture of a dog on a T-shirt might trigger an 'activity' or 'animal' event.
  • A person could be misidentified as an animal in some situations, like if they’re crawling on the ground, or bent over to do housework.
  • Close relatives can be misidentified.
  • Other objects, such as a shadow or bush, may be misidentified by event detection.

In some cases, your Nest Cameras and Nest Doorbells may correctly identify an object that’s hard for you to find in the recording. This can happen if the object was far away, hard to see in the scene or only visible for a short time.


Hit this link for more information and let us know how it goes.




Hi Emerson.

I have already seen the information in that link and tried it all.

It's a room. Nobody is walking by. There is nobody in the background. It only spams me with alerts in the morning. Your response doesn't address my issues.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi KenzoJumps,


Thanks for getting back to us. Try restarting your Nest Camera and your Wifi router to refresh their connection. Also, we would recommend you to relocate your Nest Camera and check if you'll get the same issue. We'll wait for your update here.