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Sound missing when saving to iPhone

Community Member

This issue is still in effect despite this thread being locked

While it remains that I cannot save video using anything other than a device, to anything other than that devices local storage (iPhone) this is severely limiting.

I am using iOS 15.6 on an iPhone X.

I save to the Photos app, and when the video is available, the sound button is greyed out:


There is sound on the original file, which is available through Google Home App.

Is this a deliberate limitation applied to the videos (I am in Australia).

Thanks in advance - I really would like to get some quick assistance here - as the video history is only available for 3 days.



Community Member

Hmm - so, too late now to download the videos.

For anyone reading this and thinking about purchasing or extending the service:

  • the cost of purchase and ongoing service fees, I'd recommend other products.
  • It's incredibly convoluted to set up (not allowing certain google user types, ie: accounts associated with business, with no information),
  • not being able to send videos to an already existing paid hosting on Google (of which I have several accounts),
  • and being forced after the purchase to pay for ongoing services just to access videos, is not value for money.
  • The support provided by Google is practically non-existent (see this) and when you do get a hold of someone, even more convoluted (the assistants I dealt with when trying to activate the service didn't even know about the issue with not allowing the service to operate with G-Suite accounts).

I'm sending the units back and asking for a refund - it's simply not fit for purpose.

Hi stevefuture1,


I'm sorry to hear that and for the delayed response. We're sad to see you go. We hope we can make it up to you in the future. We're always here to help if you ever change your mind.




Hi there, 


It's me again. I'll go ahead and lock this thread in 24 hours. If you happen to have the same concern feel free to reach us out here or start a new thread.