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Nest Wired Doorbell - Chime

I want to get a wired doorbell for the 24/7 video on my phone and have a transformer ready installed and Nest Mini Speakers, Can I make the speakers be the chimes when someone pushes the button, do i need to actually have a mechanical chime

CampDave by Community Member
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New Nest Hello Doorbell cam in 2022?

9/31/2021: CNET just posted this article that Google was planning on a new NEST HELLO doorbell in 2022? Where does that leave all of us that just purchased the new doorbell (battery)?Here is the article...

mdr2 by Community Member
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Looking for the domain(s) used for the streaming service

Can you please provide me with a list of domains used in the streaming service of the nest cameras. IE: *, *, etc. We are having to add a packet filter to our Watchguard firewalls to prevent it from scanning the nest streaming tr...

Install nest doorbell in indentation

I want to install a nest doorbell where my current doorbell is. The problem I have is the current doorbell is on a brick that is sunken between 2 other bricks. So it is about the height of a brick 3 inches. if I could install the nest horizontally I’...

ISUGraber by Community Member
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Nest camera - no power

Camera randomly stopped working. Tried the troubleshooting steps and factory reset, but it seems the camera has no power. Plug socket is fine and all wires are plugged in snug. Replacing the fuse tomorrow (although doesn’t look like it’s blown) but a...

Orayner2 by Community Member
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Nest cam outdoor lens cover replacement?

I noticed this week that the glass lens cover for my Nest cam outdoor had apparently come lose and fallen to the brick patio beneath it, causing it to break into 3 pieces. How can I get a replacement?

Jdlbb by Community Member
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Power adaptor

I don’t have a existing doorbell chime. I know the battery on the nest doorbell only last around a month so is there a way to wire the power cable to the doorbell. The previous generation had a power adaptor which connects from a power outlet indoor ...

Mic not working

I am having an issue with both of my Nest Cameras using the mic on my Galaxy Note 9. I can hear the person on the other side but they cannot hear me when I am using my phones mic. This problem is an issue in both the Nest app and The Google Home app ...

JamieC by Community Member
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Nest door

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way for only one google mini in my house hold to alert us when the doorbell is pressed? At the moment all 3 mini I have alert me and chime, I really only want one to alert me , is there a way?thanks in advance paul

PAGS1980 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest schedule not working

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Will not let me set on off time. Have read and re read all the how to. Nothing is working. Will not let me set on off time. Have read and re read all the how to. Nothing is working.

WC by Community Member
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