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Wired doorbell will not connect to WIFI

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I have a new wired doorbell gen 2 that will not connect to my WIFI. I kept getting a error that there is a not a valid internet connection, even though we were using the internet and speed test showed 160 MBPS download. My wifi is the google nest router and point.  I tried everything and was on the phone with google support for several hours.  The doorbell experts decided the doorbell was working so a WIFI problem and the google WIFI experts said my WIFI was working great so it was a doorbell problem.  Back and forth several times.

I managed to resolve it on my own, and want to share the resolution for anyone else with the problem.

I named my phone mobile hotspot with the same name and password as my WIFI.  I unplugged my google nest WIFI router.  I turned on my mobile hotspot with WIFI turned off (so it was not sharing the WIFI that the doorbell did not connect to).  The doorbell connected to my mobile hotspot and I completed the installation.  Next, I turned off my mobile hotspot (that was using my house WIFI name and password) and then plugged in my house  WIFI.  The doorbell connected to the house WIFI and has been working great.   


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I've found that there can be setup issues depending on the actual device you are setting it up with. Switching from android to an iOS device or another android device has worked for me in the past. the doorbell being one of them. 

Hi folks!

Thanks for posting and we appreciate your time in providing the Community the steps that fixed connecting your doorbell to your respective Wi-Fi — it's a big help.



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