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Chromcast staying on youtube screen.

Community Member

Once my video queue has completed, the YouTube app no longer closes. Rather, the new chromcast firmware sits on the YouTube app screen. This has caused burn in damage to my television. One of the main reasons I use chromecast is the fact that in ambient mode, it switches photos around all day. Allowing the TV to remain on for temperature and time information. 


As far as I am concerned, because the app no longer closes on its own, the benefit to a chromcast is no longer there. 


I would request that anything that is currently not casting be closed down after a user selectable amount of time. So that I can start using my chromecast again. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there EVGAFTW,

Thank you for visiting the Chromecast Community! Since this thread hasn't had activity in a while, we're going to close it to keep content fresh. We hope you were able to get the help you need, but if you have the time, would you be able to submit feedback via the Google Home app? That is the best way to let Google know what changes you would like to see in the future.

If you have any more questions, feel free to create a new thread, and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand. Hope this helps!

Best regards,