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Chromecast blank screen but with audio

Community Member

Hi! I just wanna try my luck here. 

Our Chromecast is working just fine since last night but when we used it earlier today it suddenly showed a blank screen but with the audios working. I have tried casting videos from Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook and it shows nothing on the screen but you can here the sounds from it. 

I tried rebooting the Chromecast. I saw the "Chromecast..." bootup screen and the Google logo animation, but it then goes to a black screen and stays that way. Again, casting a video will play the audio but not the picture.

I have also already tried unplugging and plugging and tried connecting it to the other HDMI port but still no luck. 

Also, our cable is also using HDMI and I've tried plugging it on both ports and it works just fine so I guess the ports are not the issue here. 

I've tried googling the symptoms, but haven't come across any suggestions that I haven't already tried. Another user with the same issue recommended giving Google's support a call as they were able to solve the issue but I dont know if that will work since Im not based in the US.

Is anyone else familiar with this issue, and what could I try next to resolve it please?