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Chromecast does not show options for YouTube videos

Community Member

When I ask nest mini “show me videos of Las Vegas on livingroom tv”, nest mini then asks me which option I’d like.


at this point, it is supposed to display the actual options on my chromecast ultra on the TV.  Instead, it doesn’t do that.


so I then say “#1”, which just chooses some selection that is unknown to the user.


this has been broken for about 6 months now. Please do not comment generically, ie, reboot, factory reset, etc.  there have been over a hundred complaints on this, it needs to be fixed — it is a bug.


Community Member

We have been experiencing the same issue for months as well. 

we have performed a full factory reset, re connected everything in the Google Home App. Done all updates available. - nothing works. 

We say “ok Google: find videos of XYZ on YouTube on the TV.”


google nest says: sure, which one would you like? 

but there is nothing to see on the TV. The screen is not showing options 

Community Member

Experiencing the same issue. The tech's solution when I called was to purchase YouTube premium and it would be fixed. This is not the case. I have since cancelled the subscription and I'm strongly considering switching to the competition 


Community Member

@Sundar Pichai.. This feature is not working for over few months now and many users have reported the issue but no resolution so far.. I never expected this kind of bad customer support from a company like GOOGLE. I am very much disappointed and will never recommend Google products unless this issue is resolved ASAP as many users who rely on voice assistant are being impacted.. 

Community Member

I've been experiencing this same issue for many months now as well.

I noticed that this Jennifer person marked at least 3 threads relating to this issue as resolved even though it's not resolved.

Someone on the main thread suggested that since bother Jennifer and Google seem to be ignoring that main thread, all of us who are having issues should create new threads to complain about this issue, so that Google is forced to do something about this.

I'm going to go ahead and do so now.  🙂