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Chromecast turning on (nightly) while watching TV

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I'm often up very late in the evening. I have a Chromecast (2nd gen) connected to my Samsung Smart TV (plugged into my HDMI 3 port). For some unknown (to me) reason, almost every night sometime between 2am and 3am (it's not exactly at the same time each night, but most often within that hour), I'll be watching my Samsung TV (watching regular cable TV, or possibly Netflix) and suddenly, without any actions by me, the Chromecast will automatically come on and take over my TV. It comes on showing the "ambient" setting which is set to display photos from my Google photo albums. The only way to get back to what I was watching is to grab my Samsung remote, then switch the input from HDMI 3 (my Chromecast) back to the source I was previously watching. Why is this happening (regularly, every night), and how can I stop Chromecast from suddenly turning on when I've done nothing to prompt it to turn on? I don't want to kill the ability to cast from my Android phone or Chrome web browser (so I know I don't want to permanently turn off the setting on my Samsung TV for "Anynet+ (HDMI-CED), as I've already tried turning that off and it eliminated my ability to cast to my TV).


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Mine does the same thing and I also have a Samsung TV but I have no idea why it's doing that!

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