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Chromecast ultra

Community Member


I have a very unique problem That drives me absolutely Crazy.

 I'm gonna be brief as possible.

 I have Samsung tablet S8 plus And of course chromecast ultra

 Everything is set up correctly but for some reason When I go to Google home app and click on To cast screen It's simply not doing. When I was finished my setup I was able to cast tablet screen  And when you press stop  Stop casting  And then you wanna start casting again the Screen is not showing up anymore.

 Then I have to reboot device do it set up again And then we'll start casting the screen but again when I hit stop casting And try to cast again  It will not do it.

 And this is going constantly.

 Please is there anybody that can help me with that problem or tell me what is the problem.

 I appreciate very much

 Thank you



Community Member

I have the same issue.i think this is Google's way of forcing us to upgrade to the new Chromecast w Google tv built in. I can't get my ultra to cast anything from any app, including Google home and Google tv... The only thing that will cast is my pixel phone screen. Lol