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Feature Request: make Chromecast power on / off multiple devices

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Issue: Can't use the remote to simultaneously power on / off two devices of which at least one isn't CEC

Setup: Google Chromecast connected to the HDMI (CEC) input of a receiver. TV (non CEC) connected to the HDMI (CEC) output of the receiver.

Description: Google Chromecast remote powers on and off the connected receiver either using CEC or IR blaster. It powers on and off the TV using IR blaster but not the CEC. Chromecast only offers the option to map the power button to CEC, receiver (CEC), receiver (IR), TV (CEC) or TV (IR) but only one at the same time.

Result: Since combination of any of these options is not possible, one has to use multiple remotes to power on all setup devices. Potential workarounds are far from ideal.

Workaround: One can try different Chromecast remote buttons mappings as well as the individual devices' settings to find a setup allowing at least a partial solution. Example: remote allowing only simultaneous powering on (but not off) of multiple devices. By mapping the CC power button to the TV (IR). Pushing the CC power button seems to start both the TV and the receiver (possibly because CC is "sleeping?" and when waking up it switches on the receiver?). Currently I've accidentally changed some settings which broke the workaround.

Such setup may break with accidental manual powering on or off of one of the devices (with other remote) and may require using an extra remote again to switch a device on / off. That's why it requires using the devices' automatic power off function or leaving some of the devices permanently switched on. This causes an unnecessary electricity consumption and isn't environment friendly.

Potential software solutions:

Solution 1: Make it possible to map the power on / off (IR blaster) action to the source button of the Chromecast.

Mapping individual buttons offers different actions but (un)fortunately they're limited to its specific type (example: CC source button can only be mapped to the TV source change or similar actions but no power on / off action)

Solution 2: Make it possible to combine different power button actions into one. Example: IR to power on / off 2 or more devices. Blast the IR signals to two or more devices in sequence.

Some people have already searched for a solution but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any. Note that the issue (or the lack of a feature) has been around for at least 2 years already:

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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there heybaybee,

I'm sorry about the late response, thank you for being patient! I think this would be a great quality of life change as well, and I appreciate you coming up with potential solutions. If you have the time, would you be able to submit feedback via Google TV? Google takes all feedback seriously, and the more feedback they receive regarding a specific feature, the more likely they are to prioritize it.

I look forward to your response, and if you have any other questions or concerns for me, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll lock the thread in 24 hours.

Best regards,