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Voice control on Chromecast remote not working.

Community Member

My voice assistant button is not working on my Google tv (hd) Chromecast remote. It worked for the last week or so then stopped. There is no red light when I press and hold the button and I didn't turn anything off anywhere. I'm not sure if there is a way to reset just the remote? When I received it (last week) and set it up at first it turned the TV on and off but that feature was lost right away. Now it's the assistant button that is gone. The volume up and down works and everything else ( that I know of ) works but those two features. My TV is a Emerson jic you need that info. When I set it ( Chromecast) up there was a step that wouldn't go through but after setup I had control of the TV AND assistant feature. Could a button have been pressed by accident? Also, the tv input does not work.