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Google Nest Controllable Stereo 3.5mm Jack A/B Switch?

I’m wondering if there exists a stereo 3.5mm jack A/B switch that can be controlled via Google Nest. I have a Chromecast that’s connected to my monitor which then is connected to my stereo via a 3.5mm jack. I have a record play that I also want to co...

SlickVick by Community Member
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Routine doesn't want to turn on Bluetooth.

Hi.I made a routine that at 7.05 am turn ON Bluetooth on my phone. But doesn't work. Routine starts, but doesn't understand my command (turn on bluetooth).If I say with my voice the same words, then works.I have routine for turning off Bluetooth and ...

Batko by Community Member
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Set up schedule for Nest Thermostat

We do not have our thermostat set to turn on and off on a set schedule because there's nearly someone home at all times. That being the case, I've never used that function. My question is can I schedule a one time automatic turn on, such as 8 hours f...

Indyrn44 by Community Member
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Google Home and Eufy SmartBulbs

Hi I have various makes of Smartbulbs in my house but in my bedroom I have two Eufy Smart Bulbs. I have had my smartbulbs for some time but every now and again I get issues. I usually end up deleting everything and starting again and it usually resol...

pacuk01 by Community Member
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Issues with several homes

In Google Home I have registered my house I live in and a summer cottage. I have a Google Hub in both homes and also Philips Hue connected to Google Home. Things work fine, but if I am in the summer cottage, and I say turn on the lights in the living...

Johnsen by Community Member
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Google Home App Light Activation Customisation

Another post regarding lights. On the Google Home app, it would be much easier if lights had there own widget that could go on the home screen or side swipe on a mobile phone. Would be much better as a short cut to turn lights on/ off rather than the...

Roddy by Community Member
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