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Nest learning thermostat shedule

Community Member

Hello, sorry for my poor English.. I have a problem with nest learning thermostat schedule. I'm setting different temperatures during the day,i have put 20° from 18 to 23 and from 7 to 830. Now here in italy it's 22:10 and 19°in the room, and the nest should turn on and raise T to 20,but if i go back to room page, the one where there is a wheel with T in the room and T chosed,umidity, external T ecc, it shows that the T chosed is 18.5,that is the one i chosed when i manually moved the wheel, and not 20 as i scheduled. I can manually modify it if but i m expecting to find 20 because i scheduled it for all the days of the week. What am i doing wrong?