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Spotify Daily Mix Commands Broken

Community Member

When asking the assistant to play Daily Mix Playlists (1-6)  on Spotify, it will play music albums with the same name that some artists have set in order to hijack the request and get streams off them. This is absolutely infuriating as it does not play the curated lists even despite being a paying subscriber for  Spotify Premium -- but it also ends up messing the the listening algorithm since the assistant repeatedly plays the wrong music by executing an incorrect command.
This is the result, regardless of the command being used - be it - "Play MY Daily Mix 1", "Play Daily Mix 1 Playlist", "Shuffle Daily Mix 1" etc etc.

When asked on the Spotify forums they suggest its an issue with the API / Algorithm and there are various threads on reddit that address the same issue - most over a YEAR old with no resolution - (some links provided for reference below):

The only workaround as of writing this is to cast music to the speaker directly from within the Spotify app which defeats the purpose of having a smart assistant altogether if I was just going to play it from my phone to a speaker anyway.
Alternatively this can be bypassed by using routines but these are not available in all countries due to restrictions with linking the Spotify app within the Google Home App.

This works fine with other voice assistants such as Siri or Amazon Alexa - A fix for this would be appreciated as it is long overdue.