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Routine listing every device

Hello,Within the last week or so, my 2nd generation Nest Hub has started listing every light that turns on when I use the "I'm home" routine. Previously, this was not an issue for this routine, and it hasn't been an issue for any of my other routines...

Resolved! Sunrise alarm has stopped being an option

I am having an issue whereby my hub will not find my light when setting a sunrise alarm even though it works for voice activation for all lights on off and % brightness. The lights are listed on my phone "Google Home" and are controllable but are not...

ABP1967 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Home Presence starter not working

I have the following starterstarters:- type: home.state.HomePresence state: homePresenceMode is: AWAYand I get the following warning (not error) in the script..."This routine may perform better if more presence signals are enabled across the househol...

salbando by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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I want my nest camera to say "you are being recorded

I created a new automation when a person is detected to tell me on my hub that it detected a person. But I also want the Camera to say you are being recorded. Here is what I have so far.metadata:name: Detect Person on the Porchdescription: Make an an...

slickrick by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Unstable Google Home Nest Groups - UGH!

Google Home is often unstable when giving it a request such as; "Hey Google play iHeart Radio playlist Study Beats on Whole House". It often responds saying "Can't find Whole House make sure it's connected and turned on." It also often changes voice ...

GoBananas by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Nest Renew Rewards

Why oh why does Nest indiscriminately send these pop-ups to my app? My electric company doesn't participate. I enrolled multiple times just to get emails from other companies that do just to bug them and hopefully make them aware.

Nest Thermostat

Hi, was wondering why there is no 'idle' state to set under thermostat mode? I see on, off, heat, cool and heat-cool. I have a light change colors when cool or heat is activated, but no way to return light to default color without an idle state. Same...

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