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What’s the most frequently used automation in your home?

Hey Google Nest Community, Welcome to our first automation discussion! To kick things off, we’ll start simple: Tell us about the most-used home automation that you’ve set up. For example, do you have the lights turn on gradually in the morning to hel...

nest mini

how do i connect my win10 pc to control my nest mini and control my smart devices?

How to get routine to broadcast message

I want to build a routine that can broadcast a message to all my devices with speakers when its done. I can set up a routine to say something just on the device that initiated it. And there are canned broadcast messsages I can use in the routine, but...

Routines for lights

Are there any plans to reintroduce light switching activated by motion sensors either on cams or nest hub max?

kwashi by Community Member
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Delete Google Assistant on Samsung Tv

I got a samsung tv, and enabled the assistant as Google. Unfortunately tv faulty so returned.Now im stuck with a device in Google home, think i should have logged into the same network before selecting unlink. It warns me im not the owner if i try ad...

kingjohn by Community Member
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Google Sync Devices Fails

Hi, I have 4 services linked to Google Home, Lifx, Lutron, Smart Home and Broadlink IHC. All of the devices have worked very well for a while. Now, when trying to add a smart socket to Smart Home, when I say "Hey Google, Sync Devices", I get "Ok Sync...

jeffclyne by Community Member
  • 24 replies
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Google Home Mini keeps becoming unassigned from a room

Over the last 8 weeks or so I have had a reply from my Home Mini saying I need to go to my app. Only to find that the Mini has become unassigned from the room it was in. I then reassign it to that room all is good for a couple of weeks then it become...

pacuk01 by Community Member
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Google speaker randomly playing music without any command

This has happened a few times now but this evening i could hear dance music which i thought was upstairs having a party. I could hear the musoc for a few hours then went to get a drink for the kitch and realised the music was coming from my speaker.....

OliverBam by Community Member
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"Complex" command with google home and questions

Hello Guys,I have a few questions and have hard time to find a proper answer, I test my luck here. If you have link for tutorial or anything if it's general questions, do not hesitate !1/ I d'like to the possibility for instance to say "Hey google, m...

Quentin_T by Community Member
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