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Adding nest in/out camera to nest aware

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You took 3 months to respond to my question with a ridiculous answer which shows you didn't even read the question and then after a day, you close the thread.  This is why people hate google!



I have two of the older nest cameras on a nest aware subscription.  I just purchase two next in/out cameras and added them to google home. 


How do I add them to nest aware?

How do I see them in the nest app?


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Hi, I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Recently purchased an indoor nest cam, and can't add it to the nest app (the app just redirects me to the google home app), however the google home app doesn't have the functionalities of the nest app, including adding my new camera to the nest aware subscription.

Is it possible to reconsider shutting down the nest app until google has a chance to much improve it's home app? I admit after a few days, I'm quite frustrated and reconsidering the purchase of the second camera, since I'm not getting the functions I was hoping to, including access to the nest aware subscription I already am subscribed to.


Unfortunately, the new Google Nest cameras and doorbells released starting in the fall of 2021 work ONLY in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app or on the website. But when we added our new Google Nest Battery Camera in the (Google Home app), it was added to our Nest Aware Plus subscription; we're just stuck with having to use 2 apps now. (I understand that the old Nest Aware 1st Gen subscription, where there were separate subscriptions for each camera, is not available for the new cameras.)

Google's rationale for why the new cameras don't work in the Google Nest app--along with customer reactions--can be found in these blogs in this forum:

Thanks MPLS But I'm not sure I'm following you.  I have a nest aware subscription and can see my two nest cams and view history.  I added two nest in/out cameras and now I can see all 4 cameras in google home as well as view them.  I'm confused when you say added to your nest aware subscription?  How do you know it was added and does that mean it is saving your history, but yo just need to view the history two different ways?  I haven't had the in/out's up long enough to see how much history there is? 



yes my nest aware subscription allows me to go back 30 days. I can see my cameras in my google home app, but I don't get notifications, I don't get the familiar faces, and I don't see the new one in the nest aware subscription. Only the old one. When I bought the new one, I didn't realize it would be locked out in this way.

I'm aware of how nest app works wit the nest cameras.  The question is about the new Google in/out cameras only.  


To view history (taken from our Nest Aware Plus subscription) for our one new Google Nest Battery Camera, we to go the camera in the Google Home app and from the "Live" view screen we click on "History" and then "Full History".   For our other Nest cameras and doorbells, we continue to access their history from the Google Nest app.

Notifications for our one new camera are set up in the Google Home app, under Settings | Notifications, or under Settings | Seen Events.  Notifications for our other Nest cameras and doorbells continue to be managed in the Google Nest app.

This is Google's current direction: 2 apps are needed.

Found it yes! Thanks for helping me out! And I see what you mean, 2 apps. Oh well. At least this helps my new camera not to be useless!

I don't have nest aware but I don't think it is plus so does you response still apply?  I just started the cameras again to see how much history they have.  When I use the nest app on my computer I am able to create and download video, can yo do this with Google Home?

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