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Additional cameras

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2 cams have been added to existing hello doorbell. They show up on android phone but NOT on computer HP

The hello door camera however does ? How can I get all 3 to show up?

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If your two new Google Nest cameras are the newer cameras released starting in the fall of 2021, they can ONLY be viewed in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app on your phone, or on the website on your computer. On the other hand, your older Google Nest cameras and doorbells (like your Google Nest Hello Doorbell) can be VIEWED in the Google Home app but can ONLY be administered in the Google Nest app or on the website.

This is a deliberate design by Google Nest. Google Nest's Vice President promised improvements back in Sept. 2021 in this blog post, but there have been no updates since:

I'm just another Google Nest customer. Since Sept. 2021, we have had to use the Google Home app for our 2 new cameras and the Google Nest app for our older cameras and doorbells. I

Hi Mpls - I have a similar issue and I understand that the cameras are separated for whatever business reason.  However, I'm wondering if this means that you can not save a clip from the newer cameras.  If they don't show up in the Nest App (android or PC), then how can you download and save a clip from the new cameras?  I have 2 flood light cams and can't figure out how to save a clip.  Do you know how that can be accomplished?




With the newer cameras released since the fall of 2021 (like your floodlight cameras), which work ONLY in the Google Home app, you can save a clip by going to your camera in the Google Home app, selecting "History", then "Full History", then selecting an event, then clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and then, when the options appear at the bottom of the screen, selecting "Save clip to device".

You can also click on "Event details" and then click on the "Download" icon that appears at the top of the screen.

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