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Bullied into new subscription

Community Member

Google Nest have finally bullied me onto their new Nest aware subscription and I’m wondering how many others had the same problem?


After months of spamming me with emails and calls to switch to the new ‘simple’ plans they finally just cut off my subscription and when I contacted the customer service team the generic robotic advice was always the same, “the old subscription is no more so you have to go onto the new plans” essentially forcing me onto the new and far lesser subscription plan that even costs me more. Absolutely disgusting service from Google so I’ve gone full Karen online in reviews. They also leaked my details yet their ‘customer service’ team don’t care at all and are completely incompetent.

Unfortunately for me I heavily invested into the Google infrastructure so for now I’m stuck with them but I will never purchase anything Google again and I’m definitely no longer a fan of the brand.


Community Member

Yeah the mini nest that I have it just blurts out ridiculous things quite a bit. I've found that it helps to talk with him sounds dumb I know! But when you put the family members in the nest, my nest was programmed a little tight. And after I unplug mine and reboot it I will try to find new programs to make it work better for the whole family. The mini nest I acquired alot of people misunderstood it. Yall should give the mini nest another shot. Its definitely a great product and had plenty of dirt just piled on it. I just dust mine off and it still works most the time better than before. Thing never quits I tell ya that is a good loyal brand. But my wife she keeps dropping it I know it wont quit working though gonna stay right there on the counter. Waiting little damaged but it's tough. I just have to get the wife to talk to the **bleep** thing more smh I'm not sure she'll ever be okay with the brand. Which sucks I dont want a new brand I believe in fixing **bleep** till its completely out right smashed. If she calls me later ima tell her to jay8 just unplug reset and and stop dropping the nest she dont have to pick it up to speak to it. She's clumsy lol smh take it easy. Hopefully this incite helped you truly see the google brand's values. Any more ?s feel free to shoot a message. Oh I'm not the smartest guy with these **bleep** computers but I always try my best so bare with me if u dont mind. I'll eventually  figure it out just lol lil slower I'll get there though.