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Cant Purchase Nest Aware

Community Member

Hope someone out there might be able to help.

I have had 5 tickets, each goes round the same loop. I can only help with X, I will transfer you to Y, explain the issue again.  This happens many time, the record is 5 so far..  Then its I will transfer you to a specialist team that will contact you in 24 - 48 hours...   6 Weeks later despite chases I'm still waiting.. 

5 tickets later, each time told by the next agent they cant access the old ticket, and we start over..

Its terrible service form google.

The issue:

I have 4 Camera, all previously worked, on my £50 a year subscription.  This expired and was unable to be renewed due to a change of card. I received and email asking me to re-join, and duly followed the link, and this is where it starts..

If I follow the link in the email, or go direct from the website, or via the app the result is the same, the system gets stuck in a loop. (screen shots below)

  • This has been tried on many browsers, Chrome, Safari and Edge. – Its not a browser issue.
  • This have been done from windows 10, 11 and IOS..  -  Its not an OS / Device issue.
  • I have tried this in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland - its not a location or Internet connection issue.
  • I have tired this in the nest app, play store, and – its not a app issue..
  • I have added many payment cards, and paypal. – Its not a payment issue.
  • I have even rebooted the camera at googles request!

The loops can be seen in the screen shots below:

Starts here:


I select the 30 day plan:


Select Yearly: - And it loops me back to the start..


If I select month  - It takes me to the payment screen!


I have been told nest aware is "no longer available". Clearly it is, you just have to pay for the more expensive plan..

Anyone any thoughts on what to try?

I'm thinking its payment related more than "nest" related.

Thanks for reading!






I assume you've tried the "Contact us" link under "Nest Aware Premier Care" on the page below. 

I think it just gives you a slightly different way to link into their contact system, but they claim it provides this: "Get 24/7 access to Nest Aware Experts on the Nest Customer Care team. They’re available to answer questions, help you access features, and manage your subscription."

Good luck.  I'm just another customer, in the US.

Thanks for the reply.

Is that within the Nest app? I have an orange support button, that redirects to the standard contact form. (I do see my 2 open cases)

but no premium service. 


The link I provided is a browser link.  When you click on it, there's a "Contact us" link on the page.

Only these



When I go to the Support link I provided, and I follow the instructions, I got this (just now):

Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 4.31.42 PM.png

Community Member

Lemons are the answer

They might know more than google here.. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


@uksaundeda, we'd like to know more about this. Please fill out this form so we could investigate further.

I appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer.


Form completed 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,

We got your form — thanks for filling it out. Our team will reach out to you via email anytime soon. 


Any news…

radio silence for 6 days 

I sense the lemons are strong in this one ☝️ 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@uksaundeda, sorry for the delay. I've checked your case and saw that you've been in contact with our support team. You may continue working on that channel to avoid confusion here. Let us know if you have more questions in mind.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer and Edmond.


Thanks for chiming in, CrispyLettuce.