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Feature request: scheduling nest cam alerts instead of just "home and away" controls

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Just bought new Nest Cam indoor wired cams. They are great, easy to install and responsive. I then finally turned on event notifications and history. All was fine but then I noticed I was getting absolutely spammed with notifications every time someone at home walked past a cam. So I enabled familiar face detection assuming i could turn off notifications when it recognised someone i already labelled (it doesn't). So then I looked at routines thinking that would help set up a schedule (couldn't seem to get that to work). In the end I had to set up presence sensing and enable event notifications only when I'm "away" and not "home". 2 issues with that:

1. The radius for presence sensing is quite large, i can be out walking the dog and it still thinks I'm home

2. This is no help during the night when I'd quite like security notifications to be active when sleeping

Asking for familiar faces to be able to ignore anyone I've labelled or mark them as trusted and second really need a "schedule feature" to allow even notifications during the night. 




Community Member

Folks have wanted this for years.