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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Aware Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Resolved! Nest Aware Price Jump

Just got my email notification. 25% increase from $120 to $150/year? I don't think so. Looks like I'll cancel before my renewal, have no cloud storage for now until I find a more reasonable alternative.If you're going to raise prices that much, give ...

DJHussey by Community Member
  • 186 replies
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Continued Nest aware charges for old subscription I can't access

I migrated from a DropCam to a Nest Cam when I was notified the old camera would no longer be supported. I migrated to a new subscription at that time. Since then I have been charged $99 in January 2023 and now $160 in January 2024 in addition to the...

hazeljak by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest Aware Subscription Payment

I have gotten 2 emails saying my subscription payment did not go through, however i have paid and my account says i am paid for the full year. as a matter of fact, i have over paid. how do i ensure my subscription isnt cancelled?

Resolved! Re-Subscribing to Nest Aware

I cancelled my Nest Aware subscription back in Sep-2023, now it's Jan-2024 and decided to subscribe again.How do I reconnect my Google camera to Nest Aware. the camera doesn't have a USB port.

Rip90241 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest alart settings

My Google nest always tells me when it's 8am and tells me which way to get to work how do I turn it off

Pprince24 by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Nest Products

My whole house is setup with Google / Nest Products, over $2,000 of products. Smoke Detectors, indoor and outdoor cameras, yale lock, nest doorbell, nest guard (alarm system), nest cam with floodlight, is nothing going to work after April 4 2024. I a...

Nest aware not working

Recently replaced a gen 1 doorbell. Cancelled my old Nest aware since it apparently doesn’t work with new doorbells. Started a new Nest Aware subscription but it is not working. May be an issue with my home nickname since there are 2 shown with the s...

Billing two times from one account

Moderator edit: For the safety of our community members, this post was edited to remove personally identifiable information. Call me ##########. I been billed 2 times for subscription

Thomaston by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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