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How do I escalate a case after several follow ups to someone that *might* care at Nest support?

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I have what I think is a very simple issue. I had to replace my Nest device because the old one died (outside warranty). I have gone through replacing the device but I cannot get my subscription to be moved. Here is the timeline:

March 6 - Called Google Nest support. Criselda told me that she could not figure out why or I had both Nest Aware with Google and the old Nest account. Hence the issue with the new camera picking up the subscription. 

March 7 - I received an email from her stating that I would need to contact Google Store customer support with links to how to cancel my Nest Aware Gen 1 subscription OR Nest Aware Gen 2 subscription.  Neither one of the instructions show two subscriptions and I reach back to her over email stating the same.

March 9 - She provides me with a reference number and asks me to contact Google Store Support. I reach out to them and they tell me there is nothing they can do as they don't see any subscription and that they have no way of opening the case Cresilda provided.

March 10 - I reply back to Cresilda stating the same. I follow up again twice but there no response to any of my emails since. 

I received another email asking for permission to access my account from Google Store support. I approved access and I received an email from John stating that their support will reach out to me in 24-48 hours.  I have sent 3 emails since but no response from either of the support teams!

In between, I called Nest Support but I was told a completely different story where I had to explain the situation all over again and the same response as in we will email you after doing some research. I am really not looking forward to that conversation one more time.


Community Member

Yes, Google Customer Service is shambolic. I’ve called so many times and their advisors are not capable of understanding issues let alone show empathy towards frustrated customers. It’s as though they have to follow a script!