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Playback not working

Community Member

Cannot view any recorded videos on my Nest app, or Google Home, from my Nest indoor camera. What do I do 




Do you have a Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus subscription?

Which indoor camera do you have, the older 1st gen camera installed in the Google Nest app or the newer 2nd gen camera installed in the Google Home app?

When you try to view a recorded event, what happens?

I have the older version. I think I have best aware but not sure where to check? And I’ve tried it through the nest app and Google home. Neither work. Even after deleting the app and re downloading it 


You can check your Nest Aware subscription in either the Google Nest app or the Google Home app by going to Setting | Nest Aware.

You can also check your subscription here:

You can only view history in one app. History for older cameras can only be viewed in the Google Nest app and on the website, while history for the newer cameras can only be viewed in the Google Home app.


I have the one you can view videos. I have been able to see the videos for years now it doesn’t work. I can see the thumbnail of the recording but it just keeps loading when I try to pull up. I can’t even save the video 


So, if you go to Settings | Nest Aware in the Google Nest app, does it show that you have an active subscription?

Does your subscription show here?

If you go to the website, can you view history for your camera there?

Can you view your camera in the Google Nest app?

(I'm just another Google Nest customer.)