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Why have you sent me an email that says I have 5 days left ?
I paid for a Year subscription on 24 Dec 2021
Next renewal date
is Dec 24, 2022

I have my receipt to prove this.

Can you please explain


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It's okay
I worked it out.
I had somehow created two accounts.

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It's okay
I worked it out.
I had somehow created two accounts.

I'm having a similar problem. Where did you find out that you had 2 account


Hi Jay

If you go and sign in to Home Nest homepage ( You will see a button at the top right with an initial on it
There is a drop down menu arrow to the immediate left of it
Click that and it will show your accounts in the name of Home, Living Room, and other rooms etc.
I had two. A "Living Room" and a "Home"
I had subscribed to the "Home", yet somehow got a free month trial on the "Living Room" account
I had to delete the "Living Room" and then re-scan the camera to the "Home"
To do this I clicked on my Blue Initial at the top right.
Under the Drop menu click Settings
Then click "Home Info" and scroll to the bottom of the page
Under "Living Room" at the bottom in red was "Remove Camera".
Which I did, and then re-scanned the camera under the "Home" setting.

Hope this helps

Good morning, thank you for your detailed response. I tried your procedure but when I clicked the drop down menu at the top I only have one account. Any other suggestions?

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Sorry Jay I haven't.
The whole account thing is complicated, it should be a lot easier to control accounts with a company as big as Google. It's a very poor show from Google

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