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You’re connected with agent Kermit.
3:48 PM
Hi! Welcome to nest_secure support. My name is Kermit. For future reference, your case ID is 9-7448000034593. How are you today?
Kermit · 3:48 PM
To message right now I am using a computer that is shared with others. Its the only access I can use to get into this account. i have had problems removing someone from my google account altogether. Ive tried everything. Im growing more and more confused with exactly how he is able to outsmart me over and over. I had put an app lock on my android phone apps. I can get into androids phone i with my pin number but not the apps within the phone. Specifically my google apps. it says i attempted my pattern too many times and i cant try again for 7495672365016507912506205798 seconds.
1. This may be originating through NEST.
2. App cloner may be involved.
3. ive removed various apps i never downloaded. One was a news app
when i go to device manager on this shared computer at click on my android phone in teh list, it shows two more phones for the same phone.
Im not sure the persons identity
it could be Bill Anderson
Ralph Pettus
Hi Kermit, thanks for your help.
i can give you more information about me and about them.
it may even be someone making it look like them. but i think im about right.
3:50 PM
Please allow me 2 minutes while I read the contact us form.
Kermit · 3:51 PM
both those people have nest. whta is interesting is both have used an auto app and neither have cars...BUT Bill anderson has his siter drive him around and she has a car. The auto app lists the signed in poerson as my ex (not one of them) and yet the lkabel underneath the contact of my exx, says 'brother". my ex is not my brother!!!
3:52 PM
Thank you for staying connected.
Kermit · 3:53 PM
thank you
3:53 PM
It's taking longer than usual. Please allow me to take another five more minutes while I check this for you.
Kermit · 3:53 PM
no problem.
ive been fighting this for a long time off an on. im around both a lot. one is in my building. the other was my best friend.
this is literally ruining my life.
3:54 PM
Thank you for staying connected.
Kermit · 3:55 PM
my ex is christopher Remacle. He could be the person. I dont know.
ralp pettus is in my buiklding and he has managed to get access to my room which i enter with my fob key.
3:56 PM
I understand that you need to check if your Google account has access to someone or you would like to know how to make your account more secure.
Kermit · 3:56 PM

Community Member
PART TWO of above post:
thats another thing but makes em suspect on this too.
i dont have nest, they do.
an optiplex device was on my account too.
i wnat these people off my account
3:58 PM
I totally understand your concern.
Kermit · 3:58 PM
i try to cahneg my password and it says ill remain signed into phones that i dont want soigned in...
i go to device manager to rid them andthey come back
3:59 PM
I will help you provide the steps to remove the other members who have access to your account.
Kermit · 4:00 PM
or they show asa my phone. so i click on it and try to delete my phojne and it shows upo as three phones...two of my old ones.
lets go. thanks
4:00 PM
I will also help activate the 2 step verification so that no one can bypass your security of the Google account.
Kermit · 4:01 PM
i think there are multiople things here and tehy are outsmartuing me
they are in my missingthemoon5 account also
which they used as my recovery avccount
it used to be my recovery account but i took it off.
they ahve put it back on, so i removed it again
i cant evebn get into it and my sweepstakes are in it
4:02 PM
But to do all the steps, the timer that you gave us in the contact us form needs to be zero.
Kermit · 4:03 PM
4:03 PM
i will send all the relevant information on how to secure the Google account through the email so that no one will be able to access your account without your knowledge.
Kermit · 4:05 PM
i need them off though
i already knwo they are using it.
can i resend the contact thing
setting it to zero again
4:06 PM
Just to confirm, are you able to login to your Google account?
Kermit · 4:06 PM
im on it now
you ar egoogle nest.
im contacting you through my google account, i just cant get past a pattern lock apop lock on my android cause someone is on my account
4:09 PM
I am still here.
Sorry for the delay.
Kermit · 4:09 PM
ok this is an ongoing problem with nest i see
either you are not really google nest or nest si a real issue
i see multiple complainst with sam eproblem
where is teh response to them
4:11 PM
Erica, the reason you are not able to login is because you have attempted to login too many times.
Kermit · 4:12 PM
it wasnt me
i already mentionedf that
i didnt attempt the pattern on my phone
my phoen apps
i get into my phone but i used my pattern like i always do to get into the apps an dit said i have attempted too many times to try again inj 786596517506701625097 seconds
i had just woke the **bleep** up. i know my pattern
4:14 PM
I understand but, we can only login and change the security setting only after the timer expires.
Please give me two minutes to check with my internal resources to assist you further.
Thank you for staying connected.
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It looks like you may have left the chat. In order to assist other waiting customers, I'll have to end our session if I don't receive a reply from you. No worries! You can always start a new chat with us when you return.
Thanks for contacting Google Nest. Have a great day!
Kermit · 4:30 PM
The session has ended.
4:30 PM
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