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new Nest aware

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I have Doorbell, Google Hub, nest camera and now just got a new cam.  added to account and it wont show up on Nest App.  I paid for Nest aware to record all cameras, but cant see my recordings on the new camera as it is only on google home.   and it wont show past history




The new Google Nest Cameras and doorbells that were released starting in the fall of 2021 work ONLY in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app or on the website. However, if you have Nest Aware Plus you can see 24/7 history for the last 10 days IF your new Google Nest Camera Battery is plugged in continuously with the optional power cable. If your Google Nest Battery Camera is NOT plugged in or if you have the Google Nest Battery Doorbell (even if wired), you get only event history. (So I'm glad the one battery camera we added is plugged in.) 

To see history for the new cameas in the Google Home app, click on "History" on your camera's video feed, and then click on "Full History".

You can find Google's rationale for all this--along with hundreds of customer reactions--on these blogs in this forum:

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Hey folks,


Thank you for your feedback on this issue, I fully understand the frustrations of not having your new Nest Cams in the Nest App or available on web app. I can imagine having to use two different apps at the moment is quite daunting, and could lead to frustration. 


However, the new Nest cameras and doorbell are exclusive to the Home app because we wanted to create an integrated experience with your speakers and displays. A Nest Aware subscription applies to all of your cameras, speakers, and displays in the same home structure. Thank you for your continued patience, and support. I am more than happy to assist you further with this inquiry if you wish. Please let me know.


Best Regards,



P.S Thanks for your help, @MplsCustomer

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Hey BFD158,


Thanks for visiting the Community. 


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