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120v connector cable needed

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recently moved house and I have lost the 120v connector cable - can anyone tell me where I can buy one from as I do not want to have to buy a new Nest Protect for the sake of 1 electrical cable.



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I have the exact same problem. Following this thread. 

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Yup same issue here

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Same issue but with Google nest hub (2nd Gen). Can't even read the specs of the adaptor so I can order a generic replacement.

Despite being on the frontline of innovation, these arbitrary decisions (sorry we can't replace or sell the power cable!) are very frustrating. If we wanted a company that restricts how we use - and fix - our devices, we would've gone to Apple. 😕

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I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution? 

Simplest solution seems for Google techs to please make these available to purchase from them!

Google behemouths answer to this is "we do not provide support if outside of warranty period". So basically they won't supply a 0.05cent connector wire to loyal purchasers of a $149 item. Pretty lame. I'm done buying anything google unless they rectify this. At the very least they could allow 3rd party knock offs to provide a wire.

I actually have purchased this a month ago. Still got the receipt. The home Depot says bring the whole device with the wire and get a new one. 

It's ridiculous that I'm trying to be responsible and ask for just the wire not waste a whole unit because of a defective cable.

I ended up returning it and buying the large echo show. It's for my mom to see pictures so it doesn't matter the difference between Alexa or the unnamed Google person.