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2nd Generation Nest Protect Battery - Is the the expiry date shown on the OUTSIDE of the sealed box?

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I'm in the UK and my 1st generation Nest Protect (battery) will expire on 4th September.  I have ordered a new 2nd Generation Nest Protect (Battery) via eBay UK, to replace it but it hasn't arrived yet.  I've heard mentioned that some unscrupulous sellers are getting rid of old stock and selling these 'new' Nest Protects when they have much reduced service lives.

Is the the expiry date clearly shown on the OUTSIDE of the brand-new, sealed box or is this information only shown on the back of the Nest Protect itself?

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Depending on your area, there may be a manufactured date sticker on the outside, although, if you are purchasing from a questionable reseller, I would not trust that.

The unit will have an expiration date printed on the back and you will also be able to see the expiration date in the app. 

Thank you HelpfulGoogle!

I found this article (below) and when checking the box for my present 1st Generation, it worked perfectly as shown in the attached snip.  Week 36 of 2014 started on 1st September and the expiry date of my Nest Protect is 4th September 2021.  I should receive the 2nd Generation Nest Protect today and as long as the serial number has the same XXXXXXXX3614XXXX format, I won't need to open the box if there's no date sticker on the outside.  If it's too old then I'll just return it because I want it to last for as near to 10 years as possible.  It's not much use if there are only 7 years life left before it expires.

"The date code can be found on the packaging within the serial number in a wwyy format. So 0118 would be the first week of 2018.  I found this linked comment to be true. It at least matches with the Protect I have. My Protect was born on April 9, 2020 and the “wwyy” was found in the middle of my serial number starting with the 9th character as shown below, which can be found on the outside of the box indicating it was manufactured on the 15th week of 2020.   XXXXXXXX1520XXXX"Week  36 in 2014Week 36 in 2014

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Hey folks, 

It looks like we have come to a solution so I'm going to be locking this thread. If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to create a new thread. 


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