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Adding nest protect to google home

Community Member

So I have bought my Nest connect, works brilliantly.

I want to be able to see it in my Google Home App, however, when I tried to add it there, it told me to piss off and add it in the Nest App.

Ok cool.

So I do that, go back to the Google Home app, go to link my nest account by going:

  1. Settings
  2. Works with Google
  3. Sign in with Google

And then I get the following error:

Access Blocked: Nest's request is invalid

You can't sign in because Nest sent an invalid request. You can try again later, or contact the developer about this issue. Learn more about this error.

If you are a developer of Nest, see error details.

Error 400: redirect_url_mismatch

Not sure what I am doing, been trying for a week now, I have pushed the contact developer button and sent a screenshot. No reply from them at #

If I click the see error details, it tells me that the app doesn't comply with something called "OAuth 2.0"




We don't have a Nest Protect, but it has to be installed in the Google Nest app. You need to download and install the Google Nest app and  open the Google Nest app then add your Nest Protect in that app; you CANNOT get to the Google Nest app by going through "Works with Google" in the Google Home app.

I'm just another Google Nest customer who is also frustrated with Google Nest's 2-app solution for its Google Nest products.

Yes I understand that.

It is added in the nest app.

I just want to see all my devices in the Home app, and it gets almost all the way to linking and shows that error


Sigh. Yes, its another idiocsycratic aspect to Google Nest's 2-app approach. You cannot see your Nest Protect(s) in the Google Home app:

Ok, but I'm trying to link my nest account with the home app anyway using the linking feature in there. So that still won't work?

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @Scotty274 

I have 3 Nest Protect devices in my house. 🙂
There is currently no way to manage or see the Nest Protect devices in your Google Home App. 

So what is the link to Nest function for if not to link Nest to Home?

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

There a lot of more Nest devices in the Nest Family.

For example:

  • Nest Doorbell
  • Nest Camera
  • Nest WiFi

Most Nest devices are supported within the Google Home App but Nest Protect isn't yet. 

True, but wouldn't you still need to be able to link the app to Home to get those to work too?

Also when I try to add my new Cameras, it tells me to go away and use Google Home

@RXShortyand @Scotty274 

We have numerous older Google Nest cameras and doorbells. They do NOT use the "Works with Google" function in the Google Home app; the older cameras and doorbells can be VIEWED in the Google Home app (this happens automatically), but are still administered in the Google Nest app. I've never used the "Works with Google" function; I thought it was for non-Google Nest products that can work with Google.

Fair enough, I get that, so how do I link the Nest app to the Home app anyway?

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @Scotty274 

All new devices must be set up using the Google Home App. 

The strange one you can still buy new is the Nest Protect (from what I experienced) which only works on the Nest App and not the Google Home App.

In my current household, I am using:

  • Nest Protect (Nest App Only)
  • Nest Learning Thermostat  (Nest App & Google Home App)
  • Nest Hub (Google Home App)

All new Nest products released after Google bought Nest work with the Google Home App.

Again as @MplsCustomer noticed, the older line of products doesn't all work with the Google Home App but requires the Nest app. 

Right, but it's a brand new Nest protect which I only bought a few days ago. So well after Google acquired nest.

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Yes, I know, @Scotty274 .

As stated in my post, Nest Protect is the only product you can buy new without Google Home App support. Sorry, I don't have better news on this topic, as I am also waiting for this merge to happen. 🙂

@RXShortyand @Scotty274 

It is NOT quite true that all new devices since Google bought Nest get installed in the Google Home app. It depends on the product. It's a mixed bag.

We have two Google Nest Hello Doorbells that were purchased long after Google acquired Nest; they are branded Google, but they got installed in the Google Nest app (but then appear with partial functionality in the Google Home app).

The Nest Thermostat E and Nest Learning Thermostat get installed in the Google Nest app (but then appear in the Google Home app).

And then the Nest Protects get installed in the Google Nest app and ONLY appear there.

So how do you know what is what?

As the staff at the store just told me that they are all fully google


Google Nest is running with 2 apps; the Google Nest app and the Google Home app. What functions work in what app depends on the Google Nest device. There is no master guide for what is what.

Community Member

So presumably this also means, when there is a fire or smoke alarm triggered, it won’t currently  show on a google hub screen of any kind… yet!


We don't have a Nest Protect, but I can't find anything on the Google Nest Help website about Nest Protect alerts being sent to Nest Hubs.

Community Member

Has Google said anything about when or even if they are going to support Protect in Google Home? 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Guzmaroo,


Thank you for taking the time in letting us know about your inquiry.


While we don't know when it will be available, our team is constantly improving Google Home app features by adding more supported smart devices for easier and more reliable control of your smart home devices.


We appreciate users who are keen to share with us their insights, and we'll be sure to pass this along to the right team. Stay tuned to the Google Nest Community page for news and announcements.


Let us know if you have additional questions, otherwise we'll be locking the thread in 24 hours.


Best regards,