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All Protects pulsing yellow after CO cleared

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We had a carbon monoxide event at our house due to running a classic car for a few minutes in an open garage. Thankfully, our Next Protects alerted us, and we were able vent the house. Thank you, Nest!

After venting the house with several fans, I got notifications in the Nest app that the CO levels were decreasing, and then that “Carbon monoxide clearing”.

However, all of our Nest Protects now have a slow pulsing yellow ring. It pulses about every 5 seconds. When I press the button on the on in the kitchen, it says “Heads Up, there’s carbon monoxide in the basement”. When I press the one in the basement, it says “Heads up, there’s carbon monoxide in the kitchen.”

We aren’t getting any alarms anymore, and tapping Protect in the Nest app says “Everything is Ok”, and all the Protects show as green (they were yellow during the event until we got the CO clearing messages).

As far as I can remember, they have never continued to pulse yellow like this.

What could be causing them to continue to pulse yellow?


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Did you ever get a solution for this? I have the exact same problem. Thank you

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi, everyone. 
In an effort to keep content fresh on the forums here and prioritize current issues, I'm going to go ahead and close up this thread. If you have any outstanding issues from this post or any other problems, please feel free to open up a new discussion.
- Jeff