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Another Worthless Product - Protect from Nest/Google

Community Member

I like how there are no drop-down choices for "NEST PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK CORRECTLY"


Nest Protect alarms go off claiming there is a fire when there isn't. No dust, in the right place, etc...  but still an occasional alarm. This is bad enough. 

But then when you check the history it shows the alarm as having never triggered. The history isn't accurate so like everything else from Nest it's absolutely worthless garbage.

Thermostat reads wrong temp compared to other units/thermometers, cameras constantly fail. And their service is never helpful. Won't hold themselves accountable for their products and will not do **bleep** to help other than paste a link with steps that I can easily find on my own. I've had a camera stop working inside one year and they refuse to replace it. Various things start and stop working like smart lights, Yale/nest lock. 

Some of their cameras are ONLY visible in Google app, some only visible in nest app. You need two apps to run the system.

No way to do split screen to view camera feeds. Just an utter joke. And now this new issue with the protect. 

If anyone reading this isn't too far along with Nest smart home setup, stop! Take it back and try something else. 

@Nest/Google rep that tries to reply - don't bother. I know how to find your help pages myself - they are not adequate.

Have a nice day!