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Both of my 2nd Gen Nest Protects Reporting Smoke when there is no Smoke

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Marc Regan  

I have two Nest Protect Gen 2 devices in my house, one in the first floor entryway, and the other in our upstairs hallway. They are less than a year old. A few nights ago we got the "There's smoke in the entryway" alarm twice, once around 1am and the other around 2am. There was no smoke. After the second false alarm, I removed the device and took out the batteries. I've been meaning to try the dusting technique but it's been a busy few days.

Then tonight around 8pm, our upstairs device false alarmed.
We had windows closed and AC running in both instances. 
Now I can understand that we may have one faulty device, or one got dusty, but both devices failing in the same exact way three days apart? Not sure what to do here.
Model: Topaz-2.9
Software: 3.4rc6