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Brand new Nest Protect can't get Pathway feature to work

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I purchased a latest generation Nest Protect last week and set everything up fine in my upstairs hallway but I can't get the 'Pathway' feature to work at all. Everything else works as described and everything in the app itself seems to indicate all features are fine (including batteries) so I can't figure it out. It's pitch black so I know it's not a 'too much light' issue. Anyone have any ideas? Should I replace the batteries even though its brand new and the app says they're fine? Frustrating as this was a really 'nice to have' feature for my kids going to the bathroom at night 😞


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Okay, so I thought this didnt work with two of mine but want I did is set the pathways to be on all the time at first. 
let it stay on for 30mins. Then set it back to automatic. also, toggle around with the Nightly promise settings too. 
it will eventually work. I tested mine with a shoe box covering it during the day. 
You cannot just set this and it works straight away. The documentation says it takes time to receive these commands 

thanks dwaindigital it seems you have different settings as in my Pathway and Nightly Promise its only on or off..there's no setting to leave it on for a certain length of time etc. I've been toggling them on and off all the time but no luck. Nightly Promise works fine and everything else according to the app works fine..just can't get Pathway to work 😞

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The options I have are off/on/Always on 
Are you saying that yours does not come on at all when you switch it to ALWAYS ON? 
I found that mine only worked with ALWAYS ON but I kept trying to switch it too quickly back to ON 
So I set it to ALWAYS ON for about 30mins and left it and closed the app. Then came back and set it to ON 
After that I've had no issue.