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Burning hot batteries at 4am in one of the Best protect

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It's looks like it's a common issue, but I haven't seen a clear solution from Goggle. I am afraid to connect the sensor back, as, if I am not home it could have catch fire.

Without any previous notification from the app, the sensor started chirping at 4am. I checked the app, and indeed it had a notification a minute before, to change battery. Went I climb to get it off, the unit smelled like burning plastic, and when opened, 3 of the batteries when hot.


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I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to prevent this is to change all batteries yearly with replacements brought from a reputable supplier. It appears that if one of the batteries expires before the rest the other batteries overheat , not very good in a product that is supposed to detect fires, not cause them .  Google just go round in circles when you report this ( I won’t be replacing with protect when I change mine)

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Community Specialist

Hey folks, 


Thanks for your response and suggestion, Chris1. I also understand how you feel and I'm sorry that you had to go through this. 


JulioLiza, sorry as well to hear about your Nest Protect sensor. I wanted to get into the bottom of this. 


A few questions — what version of Nest Protect sensor is this? What type of batteries did you use? Also, when you changed these batteries before, did you replace all of them with new ones? You may also check this link about the do's and don'ts of replacing Nest Protect batteries. 




Hi, I believe is Gen1, as the box doesn't say gen2 or anything. Item s3000bwes.


I am still using the original batteries. Energizer.

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hi Melba I changed all my batteries and have only ever used the recommended ones and it’s been fine since and as I say I will change out my batteries yearly but think Google needs to either consider suggesting that people should do this as it does seem to be a problem if one of the batteries runs down quicker than the others and the truth is it’s scary when this happens they all get very hot and for some reason there isn’t any prior warning about low batteries so not sure what would happen if you weren’t around when it starts chirping . Think Google does need to investigate as this leaves a vulnerability issue with using protect.