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Choose between Nest and Google home app

Community Member

I am a loyal Nest fan and have many devices connected. Recently bought more cameras and system will only support install to Google home app. Ok did that  and excited to try new app but it won’t work with my CO2 and Smoke alarms. Is Google answer that I must use both tools now?


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @Jbots911 

I am in the same situation with a mix of older and newer devices. For now, you'll need to have both apps. HOPING that this will change down the road though. 

Send them feedback if you have a minute: Share feedback about Google Nest - iPhone & iPad - Google Nest Help 



We are in the same situation of having to use 2 apps for our mixture of older and newer devices. We are also HOPING this will change in the future.

Community Member

You will have to use both apps. There is no plan to migrate certain devices off the nest app, such as the protects. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Checking in — I hope you've got the answer you're looking for. Let me know if you have more questions in mind.

I appreciate the help here, everyone!




We 're not here being helpful, providing solutions. We're other frustrated customers who can share our experience that this broken abandoned Nest program is giving us little hope in the stability of the platform. 

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Appreciate all the feedback on this one. Will use two products for now and hoping for solution in future and look hard at the competitor products to see if I may find a better long term product line.. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone, 


We hear you — and we're always looking for ways to improve. We appreciate your request for this additional feature, and please be assured that our product team is working non-stop with different partners to bring the best features to the Google Nest devices. So, please let our product team know about it by sending feedback. Currently, the best option is to use the Nest app for your Nest Protect and use the Google Home app for your Nest Camera. 


In the meantime, I'll go ahead and lock this thread within 24 hours. If you run into any more questions in the future, please feel free to create a new thread.


All thanks for your help, @JillG and JT.