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Feature Request: Emergency Email Notifications

Community Member

Here's the situation: normally at work, I don't have access to my cell phone for hours at a time. I do, however, have access to my business email. If a fire were to occur in my home, it's possible I would not see the Nest notification until after it's too late, but if I could receive an email notification instead, I'd likely see it much sooner.

I'm using this post for two things. The first is a feature request. Ideally, in addition to the notification on my phone, I would also be able to add email addresses and phone numbers to notify. The second is to see if anyone else has come up with ways to get a notification when they don't have their phone.

One idea I had was to write something in Tasker to check for an emergency notification and then send an email. If my phone had no or weak signal (this can often be the case), this method would fail. I could also set up an Android device at home to do the same, but I'd have to make sure it was always ready, and if home internet went down, this method would fail.

Thanks all!