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Google protect path light turns on without warning at random intervals

Community Member


i have a best protect and throughout the night the path  light turns on without warning and at random intervals.  It doesn’t do this during the day.  I call it my bad spirit blocker.  Has anyone else seen this phenomenon, and is this a sign of a broken sensor?

 Thank you!!


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Happens daily with mine.. however i always check and its usually my cats running underneath them 🙂

Seriously the path light shouldn't activate unless it detects motion, its possible its a faulty sensor, however take a look at the area around the nest protect, see if there is a path for shadows \ light movement that it could be seeing. 

Community Member

Mine goes on and off a lot and there is no one out in the hallway. I tell myself it's a spirit wandering. What else would it be?  There's no bugs crawling around it.