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How to get Protect to show in Google Home App

Community Member

Hi Google Nest


I have 3 nest protect wireless detectors, and several cameras from your company. I am a very happy customer.

Well until today. Just bought a new Nest outdoor camera, that for some unholy reason does not connect with the nest app. So i thought "well, that doesnt matter, because i will just setup my home app, with the Nest protect also, so i can view it all from there instead... But no! That is not an option. Why, for the love of everything holy, are you doing this to us? Either make all products compatible in the Nest app, or in the Google Home app. 


So now the question goes to the community:

Is there any way to make this work in either of the app´s. Dont care if Nest or Home, just dont want to use both.


Thank you all in advance


From an soon to be ex-user of Google Nest products


Community Member

Following- I have the same issue