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I'm scared that I have disrespect someone and I need to fix this because I'm not that kind of person

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I've always  wanted  people to like me no matter  what  I had to do. I have always tried to be better  by acting bigger  than  I am . I never  had any friends growing up and inside seem to always be alone.  This time I've crossed the line pretending  to be a hard person  and I went to far. I'm learning buy I need this chance  to learn and change because  I'm a good person  just a lost right  now.  Please  help me . I need a friend  just once to be nice 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

In an effort to keep content fresh on the forums here and prioritize current issues, I'm going to go ahead and close up this thread. If you have any outstanding issues from this post or any other problems, please feel free to open up a new discussion.